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5 Simple but Effective Landscape Ideas for Your Yard

Sloped raised garden with retaining wall
Sloped raised garden with retaining wall
Your yards landscape is the first thing people will see when visiting (or just passing by) home.  It's also what will surround you when you're outdoors, whether working in your yard or simply enjoying the great outdoors.  So why settle for a bland, non-descript environment?  Make it something you'll be proud of starting with these landscape ideas.

5 simple but effective Landscape Ideas for your yard

Plant in Numbers

One of the easiest landscape ideas to implement - and one that brings great visual rewards from your garden or landscape - is to plant big swaths of the same plant for bold interest.  Complement and further highlight this by adding something that will provide a subtle contrast in both color and texture.  For example planting a swath of golden creeping Jenny  will have your garden popping with a burst of chartreuse and then have it contrasted with a number of blue fescue.

Repeat.  I’d said Repeat!

Avoid adding a hodgepodge of different varieties to your gardens and landscape.  This is really just a continuation of the previous suggestion, but you can maintain a consistency and flow if you use a few plantings a lot rather than a lot of just a few.

Make the most of Your Space

Add trees, shrubs, bushes or any other planting that can serve a dual purpose if your limited on space.  For example a nice flowering dogwood can serve as a barrier, add a feature to a corner and also produces a pleasant spring flower and scent.  Also consider adding raised or tiered gardens to bring more useful space as well as adding beauty and functionality (water / rain control) with stone pavers and walls.

Mix it Up with Different Materials

Homeowners tend to have great ideas for their gardens and plantings but don’t fully consider much regarding their hardscapes (pavers, stones, rocks, etc.).  By incorporating a variety of materials such as stone pavers or walls, slate path stones, boulders, rocks and pebbles, you can easily bring a new and stunning level of interest to your homes exterior landscape.

Create Islands

It’s common to plant gardens along the walls and perimeters of your home and property.  Probably because it just seems that’s what should be done.  But by creating a island garden bed that rises out of the sea of your lawn you will utilize a simple way to bring added beauty and a new focal point to your landscape.  For added measure add height in the middle of your new island garden.


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