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Wintertime Landscaping Tips to Prepare Your Home for Springtime

Residential Lawn & Landscaping
Residential Lawn & Landscaping
While we are still in the midst of a yo-yo winter there are several things you can do to prepare for the coming spring and summer as well as maintain a healthy yard.  If you wait until the weather turns before tending to your yard then it may be too late to get the best out of your landscape.  Things such as trees, bushes,perennial gardens, etc. need tending to regularly in order to thrive.  Get ahead in your preparation with five simple tips.

(1) Protect Your Trees and Bushes from Snow

Not that his season has brought the Washington DC area too much snow, but when (if) it does and you notice that snow has piled up on your evergreen trees or bushes you should clear as much of it as possible to prevent damage.  Simple and GENTLY shake any heavier snow from branches to keep them from bending and breaking.  A light coating of snow should be fine and can be beautiful.  But if you notice the branches starting to sag even a little its time to clean them.  If there is ice covering the branches its often best to let it melt rather than trying to break it off as this has a better likelihood of causing damage.  But large icicles that can be safely removed should be as well.

(2) Pruning Trees and Bushes

Your trees and bushes, especially ones that bear fruit or berry’s, should be pruned back to a nice healthy size and shape.  If you haven’t already prune them now – BEFORE the weather turns and they exit their winter dormancy and start to bud.  Then reap the rewards of your efforts as they blossom in the spring.

(3) Keep Up Your Mulch Beds

The winter weather can take a toll on your homes landscaping, even those tress, bushes and plants that you have protected in mulch beds.  The harsh weather, including snow, rain and wind as well as visiting creatures and wear away your mulch bed and leave roots exposed.  Inspect your beds and is you notice any getting low then add more mulch.  You just need enough to cover the roots until your spring cleanup and prep.

(4) Turnover Your Gardens Soil

When there has been a run of warm days take advantage of it and turn over the soil in your garden.  Note and remove any unwanted insect eggs or seeds.

(5) Plan any Updates or Additions to You Landscapes Design

While your tending to your landscape in the winter you inevitably may come up with new ideas or recall old ones.  If you’re thinking about sprucing up your existing landscape, whether with an update or an overhaul, this spring then now is the perfect time to start planning.  Note any ideas or wishes you may have and provide them to a professional landscaping company who can bring your visions to reality.


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